Anthony Wade is the author of the Infinity Trilogy, a freelancer, and a ghostwriter.

He was raised in Corbin, Kentucky where he graduated from Corbin High School. It was there he discovered an interest in creating stories he wished already existed. Anthony attended the University of Kentucky where he planned to study architecture. When he realized that wasn’t what he wanted to do, he considered transferring to study Criminal Justice at a nearby school. Months later, Wade decided to stick to what he loves most: writing. His third and final decision was to study English, focusing on creative writing and editing. In the summer of 2012, he studied creative writing in Edinburgh, Scotland with Editor Helen Sedgwick. It was during this abroad program when he gathered the idea of Grandfather.

At the University of Kentucky, he met Professor Gurney Norman, a folktale author, and after several courses and an independent study with Professor Norman, he became Anthony’s mentor. Norman discussed the beginning of Grandfather with Anthony, sharing tips and advice that Wade continues to keep throughout the entire writing and editing process.

Along with writing, Anthony Wade enjoys traveling, trying new things, hanging out with friends, sitting around a bonfire, and experiencing different cultures. He hopes to break into travel writing – jotting down similarities between two seemingly completely different cultures.

Today, he resides in Houston where he is working on the final installment of the Infinity Trilogy. Grandfather and The Grandmother Society are available on Amazon.


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Anthony Wade is currently taking on freelance projects. Contact him for more information