Book Scene's Grand Opening.

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Book Scene is one of the only bookstoreS left in the Houston area that sales both new and used titles. Their fantastic reputation has forced them to move to a larger location. To celebrate, they're hosting a grand opening where I and the Infinity Trilogy will be featured. Stop by, enjoy the festivities, and chat with me!

Public Appearances

~ May 1, 2015 ~ Kentucky Kernel Article by Brennan Fielder
 Kentucky Kernel

I was happy to find an article in my Alma Mater's newspaper today! Click the link above to read it.

~ March 6, 2015 ~ Corbin High School's Creative Writing Class


Today, I had a wonderful opportunity to speak with the creative writing class at my old high school, and as my first public appearance for Grandfather, it went extremely well.

A lot of things have changed since I graduated, such as the addition of a creative writing course and the remodeled building. But even with so many changes, the teachers are familiar and just as wonderful and inspiring as before.

I got to see one of the best instructors I know: Pam Bishop. When I was in school, she taught two of my English ckasses. Now, she's the librarian. It was great to give her a copy of Grandfather to add to the schools's library. And I thank her for setting up the speaking session with the creative writing students.

It's great to see schools adding emphasis on the arts. It's been proven that arts education improves scores in core subjects like Science and Math. Corbin High School has figured that out, and they're on a great path.

The students I spoke to were amazing and had wonderful questions, some which required a lot of thought. More importantly, it was great to sit in front of a large group of students who find solace in creative writing and storytelling.

Good luck to those students, and thank you Mrs. Bishop for a great reunion.